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#6 techBytes: Frontend - living on the edge

Join us for the next meetup in the techBytes @Ocado Technology series. This time we're going to take a look at the frontend from many different angles. We will be challenging: language choices, (im)possibility of detecting bugs, and even the definition of something as basic as a "mobile app".

Main information:

We’ll start at 18:00 at our office, located on Pawia 21 Street, next to the Main Train Station (High5ive Building "FOUR" (B)

Our Ocado team will welcome you on the ground level and help you with registration before the event.

After the talks, we invite you to the networking part over beers and pizza :)

Don't miss it: come and be inspired by lectures from our great speakers. See you there!


18:00: Grab a drink and take a seat

18:10: Intro

18:15 - 18:45:

  • Speaker: Kinga Wilczek, Senior Software Engineer at Ocado Technology

  • Topic: "Native and web mobile apps - different sides of the same thing?"

  • Abstract: You are a product manager, designer or possibly an IT developer - what is the mobile application for you? Is it a responsive web app launched from your smartphone’s browser? Or is the one downloaded from the Play Store or App Store? Or perhaps both because of the use on the mobile device? Have you ever considered why we need native apps as we can do the same on the mobile web page? How many times have you explained the technical limitations to somebody because of the mobile device? If at least one question looks familiar, then come and hear my answers.

18:45 - 19:15:

  • Speaker: Patryk Musiała, Senior Software Engineer at Ocado Technology

  • Topic: Could you please provide steps to reproduce?

  • Abstract: There's an ongoing production issue on the frontend. You immediately know about it and you know what went wrong... because you do use monitoring tools to observe your app, right? Monitoring on the frontend is possible, and in this talk, I’ll show you how to do it. We will track performance metrics, capture errors, and provide visibility into user interactions. We will use frontend observability tools to help diagnose production issues, understand user behaviour, and optimise the performance of our applications. I bet our future selves will thank us for that!

19:15 - 19:45:

  • Speaker: Riccardo Odone, Independent Product (Full-Stack) Engineer

  • Topic: Bugs don’t exist

  • Abstract: Software development is like world-building. You make the rules: you encode what’s allowed and what’s not. As such, bugs are a choice, especially when using tools that make it so easy to fall into traps. JavaScript was designed in 10 days more than twenty-five years ago, TypeScript is an unsound type system by design (!), and the entire ecosystem is built on top of those foundations. Let me introduce you to a language that is safer than TypeScript, purer than Haskell, faster than React, and simpler than anything else you’ve used on the frontend.

Our speakers

Kinga Wilczek - is an iOS developer with seven years of experience, currently working at Ocado Technology. Almost from the beginning, she has been working with Apple technologies. Kinga loves innovations as much as broadening her horizons. In her opinion, nothing is better for a break than a sip of good tea.

Patryk Musiała - a Front-end developer with almost 8 years of experience. Enthusiast of cooking, computer games and board games.

Riccardo Odone - an independent full-stack product engineer, who's currently improving the developer experience at Knapsack Pro. Legend has it that he disappeared while pondering dynamic vs statically typed languages and resurfaced speaking Polish.

2024 Internships

Civil contract: 8000 PLN gross (Java, Cloud), 7500 PLN gross (Data)

Model: Hybrid with flexible working hours

Location: Kraków or Wrocław

Duration: July - December 2024 (6 months)

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