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Former military personnel are valuable and influential members of teams across all areas of our business.

We proactively recruit ex-armed forces personnel into everything from technical operations teams to project management, logistics, and leadership positions.

We have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, demonstrating our concrete support for the ex-services community. This is a promise to those who have served, and their families, to treat them fairly and support them in furthering their careers.

We seek to uphold the principles of the Covenant by:

  • Recognising the value that the armed forces community contributes not only to our business.

  • Accrediting military skills and qualifications in our recruitment, selection, and career development processes.

  • Supporting national military events.

“There are actually a lot of veterans in the organisation. It really helps to transition when you know others, to your left and right, understand the challenges of transitioning.”

Miguel Rivera, NA Head of Technical Implementation, US

miguelRivera US 02

“Ocado Technology has a nurturing culture. Every effort is made to fully train and prepare engineers and technicians for the position they are intended for, and for advancement. It’s more of a family than a business… Working and playing together with common purpose.”

Marc Davis, Controls Engineer, US