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Ocado Careers


Whether you are just starting out, looking for development, or re-evaluating your career path, there are a wide range of growth opportunities available to you. We offer personalised learning and advancement pathways for everyone.

Freedom to learn

We maintain a wide range of training and learning content libraries and resources to support you in developing your role and taking advantage of further growth possibilities. We also provide a personal annual allowance to spend on any form of learning that helps you grow.

Coaching and mentoring 

Your peer network can be a great support when it comes to unlocking your potential. Colleagues, managers, and friends can help you decide what is important to your pathway, and provide feedback on your strengths and on areas you might want to focus on for development.  

If you are looking for more formal support from a coach or a mentor, there are a number of opportunities and specific programmes that might be available to you in your role or location.

Leadership and management

The Advancing Leaders Programme is designed to develop the self-awareness, leadership, and business capabilities of our high-potential future leaders through targeted development experiences and exposure.

Our Leadership & Management Academy has a wide variety of programmes and experiences to support those who would like to step into a people management or leader role.

Formal programmes

We are always looking for creative and effective ways to bring creative, curious minds into Ocado Group. Depending on where you are and your current status, there might be an entry opportunity for you. We have our acclaimed graduate programmes that support craft development across a wide range of business and engineering specialisms; we have our innovative ‘Recode your career’ pilot programme, designed to help people make the leap into a career in software engineering; and we have a variety of regional programmes and internships for aspiring product managers, engineers, and more.