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Software graduate insight: Abi

Software graduate insight: Abi

Abi is part of our Software Engineering graduate scheme, making the most of opportunities in automation, supply chain, and ecommerce technologies. This is her story.

Ocado TechnologySep 21, 2023Early Careers Stories6 min read

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Abi and I studied for an MSci in Mathematics and Physics, and a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Bath.  

Which scheme are you on and which rotations have you completed?

I am on the Software Engineering graduate scheme and joined Ocado in September 2021. So far I have completed three rotations.

graduateInsight Abi

I have been a part of the Automation & Control Data Analysts team, the Supply Chain Simulation team, and I am currently in the Ecommerce 5 Stars team. I will soon be joining the Hive Manager team in Fulfilment for my fourth and final rotation. 

I’m based in the Ocado Head Office in Hatfield for two days a week and work from home for the other three. My current team is responsible for all the product tiles that you see on the catalogue pages of the retail websites and apps used by Ocado and our international retail partners, and also for the additional product information that you see once you click on an item. The team is multidisciplinary with web, Android, iOS and backend developers all in the same team. I was given the opportunity to explore whichever areas I was interested in and ended up focusing on web development. However, having all disciplines in the team means that you are able to pick up knowledge from other areas easily. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

My day in the office usually starts around 9am and some of us will head down to the Grumpy Mule (the café at Head Office) for a coffee. At 9:30am we have our stand up, which is where the whole team goes through all development work that is currently underway and reports on the progress made so far. The rest of the day is mostly spent getting on with whatever task I am currently working on. Often this will involve working with the other web developer when I need help. Currently I am working on a feature for one of our partners, Ocado Retail, to make the product tile smaller. In the afternoon, we will sometimes go down to the Games Room to relax and play some darts or table football. I will usually head home around 5-5:30pm.   

Why did you apply for an Ocado Group graduate scheme?

My main reason was that after finishing my degree I didn’t really know which area of software engineering I enjoyed. I liked that the graduate scheme gave me an opportunity to try out four different areas of the business, all using different technologies.

Where do you see the Ocado Group graduate scheme taking you?

That’s a tough question! Right now I am considering which area I would like to end up in once I finish the graduate scheme. After that, I think that there are a lot of opportunities for me, whether that be continuing along the technical contributor path, or alternatively I could go down the management route and become an Engineering Team Lead or Product Manager. There are lots of opportunities to take advantage of and I’m excited to see where my Ocado journey takes me. 

What advice would you give to someone applying to this scheme?

I would probably just say go for it and be yourself! Ocado is a great place to work and the culture at Ocado means that you always feel supported and are given the opportunity to grow professionally.

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