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Research & development

Pioneering the future through advanced research

Research and development opportunities

Our Research and Development teams play a critical role in future-proofing the Ocado Smart Platform and keeping our technology at the cutting edge.

We continuously invest in understanding the latest advances across AI, machine learning, computer vision, sensing, simulations, and additive manufacturing, and apply these learnings to build state-of-the-art products.

We combine our own R&D capabilities with those of the leading research institutions and industry partners that we work with. We collaborate in research consortia, and partner with the top universities across Europe and North America to help us gain access to the latest research, develop truly novel capabilities, and innovate at speed. 

Who works here?

  • Robotics Research Engineers

  • AI/ML Researchers 

  • Research Coordinators

  • Leadership roles

  • …and more

R&D people

Recent highlights

Leveraging neural networks for optimised demand forecasting

Creating sequence to sequence deep learning models which can accurately forecast demand across ranges of over 50 000 products enabling our retail partners to automate replenishment decisions.

Joining leading research consortia to deliver exciting innovation projects 

Collaborating with top academic institutions on the SoMa, SecondHands and Protein projects, part of the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Exploring safe operation of autonomous vehicles with remote authority rather than in-car safety drivers as part of Project AZORA.

Integrating autonomous mobility to the Ocado Smart Platform

Partnering with industry-leading autonomous mobility startups to develop autonomy technology capable of navigating complex unstructured urban environments for last mile deliveries.

Developing and deploying novel reinforcement learning capability

Researching the latest techniques in reinforcement learning and deploying this into production to improve the performance of systems beyond what classic approaches can achieve.

Where could your career take you?

At Ocado Technology, our colleagues design their own career path - you’ll be supported and guided whether you want to specialise in your technical craft, become a people manager, or apply your skills to a completely new area of the business. Hear from some of our colleagues:

"Having joined Ocado Technology from academia, I love long-term thinking and being able to pursue robotics research ideas all the way to developing a viable industrial prototype."

Raluca, Robotics Research Engineer

"I've enjoyed seven years (and counting!) of innovation in a fast-paced, highly multi-disciplinary team that's now focussed on transforming the last mile with our Autonomous Mobility products, in collaboration with some brilliant (and fun!) people."

Joe, Engineering Team Leader

"Before I joined Ocado Technology, I was from an academic environment. What delights me the most is that at Ocado we don't stop at proof of concept, we explore the remaining part of the journey to bring the research to life."

Di, Engineering Team Leader

Find your next opportunity

Whether you’re looking for your next career step or you’re just starting out, there’s never been a more exciting time to join us. Search our opportunities and see where a career with Ocado Group could take you.