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Engineering Team Leader

Stockholm, Sweden


As an Engineering Team Leader, you will manage a team of individual contributors of mostly Engineers, and will be responsible for the products and/or services they provide. You will take care of the performance and well-being of the team members, keeping them aligned and giving them sufficient autonomy to do their work. You will make sure that the products and/or services are delivered with the expected level of quality, fulfilling the expectations created in the amount of time agreed, in partnership with the Product Manager. You will typically report to an Engineering Manager (EM).

Key Responsibilities:

● Accountable for all aspects of the products and/or services the team is delivering, including appropriate timeliness and quality.

Key Attributes:

● You lead and role model the Ocado values and Ocado Technology Principles daily.
● You are highly organised and able to plan, manage, track and deliver effectively.
● You lead and manage others effectively, coaching and giving feedback to support development.
● You have sufficient knowledge of the technology used in your team and are capable of modelling and communicating the design: data, interactions, APIs, etc.
● You are assertive but diplomatic and have a bias for action, collaboration and optimism.
● You understand Lean and Agile principles and practices and know when and how to use them.
● You know how to apply self-organisation, delegation and decentralised decision-making, and are conscious about applying the right combination of autonomy and alignment.
● You cultivate a strong sense of ownership.
● You know how to gather metrics to make better-informed decisions.
● You are a respected leader that people want to follow.

Key Experience:

● Practical and recent experience as an individual contributor in specified engineering specialities used in the team (Software, Data, Electronics, Test, Infrastructure, etc).
● Solid knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Security and Quality.
● Strong programming background experience 
● Mentoring or managing others effectively and supporting development.
● Ability to lead and direct your own and others’ work to achieve objectives. Success Measures:
● Delivery against the team’s mission supporting overall roadmap.
● 360 feedback demonstrating the successful management of high performing, strong and capable individuals.
● Aligning the roadmap to vision and strategy and achievement of business objectives.
● Successful progression of the team through the Ocado Technology Maturity Model.
● Strong engagement levels with Product.


● Work with the team to put effective and sustainable processes in place, including ways to ensure innovation, experimentation and continuous improvement.
● Partner with Product on prioritisation, forward planning, forecasting, tracking and progress reporting.
● Inspire the other team members and be someone who is respected by the team.
● Work actively to build good relationships and trust between the team and other stakeholders, embedding a ‘one Ocado’ approach.
● Manage upwards effectively, making sure your Engineering Manager and Head of Engineering are informed of progress, celebrating team successes and making key risks visible.
● Set clear goals and expectations for people in the team, providing timely feedback to support their development and improving their performance.
● Set goals at a team level that cascade from the department / stream goals.
● Coach team members and create a healthy environment that facilitates high-performing teams and is aligned with Ocado Values and Ocado Technology


● Establish a respectful and trusted working relationship with your Product counterpart to allow effective decision making, and facilitate escalations from the team.
● Represent the team in forums (operational meetings, post mortems, etc.) with the support of Team Members when appropriate.

Deliver for Today:

● Help the team resolve difficult engineering problems through effective facilitation.
● Focus on delivering value on time.
● Know how to make an economic judgement to balance technical excellence with delivery speed.
● Look ahead to identify risks as soon as possible (technical and organisational) and put in place mitigation plans, escalating when necessary.
● Make sure that technical decisions are made in a timely manner and considering the constraints, standards and recommendations.
● Make sure there is clarity in the area around technical strategy and levels of technical delegation and autonomy.
● Suggest and implement improvements to identify and reduce waste in our ways of working, understanding cost and opportunity implications.
● Comprehend the types of and ways to test, and guide the team to validate the product in short feedback loops.

Design for Future:

● Lead the discovery phase along with Product, involving the right people at the right time.
● Responsible for the team following Ocado Technology engineering principles, technical and
departmental standards, and using standard tooling where appropriate e.g. libraries,
languages, integrations, provided services, existing systems, ....
● Participate in the creation and communication of the team mission, purpose and strategy. 
● Help the team to create appropriate ways of working, agreed and explicit, along with the suitable processes aligned with Lean, Agile and Systems Engineering principles, with appropriate metrics in place.
● Make sure the right balance between feature delivery and technical/architectural innovation happens in the team.

Execute with Quality:

● Make sure that the team’s products and services pursue technical excellence (with the economic constraints taken into account), with appropriate quality and security built-in.
● Make sure that the right cadences are in place to update stakeholders, Product, the EM or other teams about the delivery.
● Make sure the products have appropriate observability.
● Put in place sustainable and effective processes to support your team’s products and services.

 Additional responsibilities/requirements:

● Have an understanding and sympathy for the unique challenges in delivering a complex system involving both hardware and software components.
● Have an understanding of how agile methodology can be applied to developing hardware.
● Ability to think quickly and adjust to changing needs effectively.
● Have an understanding and appreciation of writing modern, cloud-based software. 
● Knowledge of UX design principles is considered as an advantage 

This role may be required to perform tasks as required by management deemed as a reasonable request. This role description is a summary of the typical functions of the role, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of possible role responsibilities, tasks and duties.

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